Are You Ready to Publish Your Book?
File Upload to Createspace 
Includes both cover and interior files.
Let Me Help You.
If you're ready to publish but aren't sure of where to begin or how to move forward ... or ... if you just don't want to deal with all of the complexities of preparing your book and putting it on the market ... I'm here to help.
File Upload to IngramSpark 
Includes both cover and interior files.
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Primarily for those who have purchased the Economy Book Cover Design or only purchased book interior design -- but prefer leave the technical aspects of file uploads to someone else. Applicable only to cover and / or interior files created by BookStarter, as we can only assure the successful uploads of what we, ourselves, create.
Review Your Publishing Set-Up
If you want someone to look review how you've set up your Createspace or IngramSpark account, to make sure nothing is missing and advise of changes and / or improvements, BookStarter can manage this for a nominal fee.
General Consultation Service 
If you have specific questions about self-publishing or if you just need a bit of general information or advice, we offer the most affordable consultation service out there! 
Per 30 minute block of time. Consults are focused on answering basic self-publishing questions and providing general information and guidance. A free 30 minute consult is included in the Premium Book Cover package.
Independent Publishing Guide
Coming Soon!
Pricing is per account review. Upon review of account set-up you will receive feedback. If everything is as it should be, we'll let you know. If there is information missing or information that might need to be changed / improved upon, we'll send you the details.
Just Take Care of it For Me! Service 
You may have better things to do than deal with the time, hassles, and uncertainty of getting your book set up with Createspace. Set your mind at ease. BookStarter can take care of all of that for you. We'll add your title information, set up your sales / distribution channels, upload your files, and make sure everything is ready for your final ok to release your book to the market. While this service is for setting up your book through Createspace, add an additional $50 and we'll set your book up for IngramSpark, too!
While BookStarter will accept book cover and interior files created by other sources, the original source of the file creation will be responsible for correcting any issues that cause Createspace or IngramSpark to reject the files. A second upload of (corrected) files is included with this service. Any additional uploads will be billable at $30 per upload to Createspace or IngramSpark.